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Q: Can you share some of your favorite stores and brands? I love your fashion style!

A: First of all, thank you!! Second, I'm really into thrift stores and vintage shopping. I love to find one of a kind statement pieces. I also love Marshall's and TJ Maxx because I love a good deal. I don't really have one brand or store I go to. I guess that's not really helpful, I'm sorry!! 

Q: Do you have a go- to restaurant in NYC for date night?

A: I don't like to go to the same place twice, but I love anything Italian and charming.

Q: What is your #1 tip for taking food pics for the gram?

A: Natural lighting!!!!

Q: What places are on your bucket list to go to?

A: There are too many! I would love to go to Italy and Greece. I also want to go to Indonesia, Bora Bora, French Polynesia, the Maldives, Thailand, and Egypt. In terms of cities, I have always wanted to visit Tokyo, Copenhagen, Singapore and Itsanbul. I want to go everywhere.

Q: Do random people recognize you in the street because of @diningwithskyler page? Do you sign autographs?

A: Hahahhaa what an interesting question!!! People do recognize me surprisingly. I've only signed one autograph and it's mainly selfies that people take. I feel super narcissitic answering this!

Q: How did you get to where you are in your career? Did you start with "Dining With Skyler"?

A: Wow that's a hard question to answer! It's been a very long journey, but I will try to put it in a nutshell. I started Dining with Skyler in 2012 when I was attending NYU for college. (Back then, it was called "Food by Skyler" and my Instagram was @nycdining.) I had this epiphany (naturally, at brunch) after a journalism professor told me to start a blog about something I was passionate about in order to get a jumpstart on my career. I always knew I wanted to entertain and work on camera. On the other hand, I always had a passion for food and dining enter the epiphany where I realized there were no young women doing what Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern were doing: exploring food and culture on TV. Most of the women I saw in the food space at that time, were older and working in the kitchen. Throughout college, I worked at various publications, TV stations and started Spoon University at NYU, all the while working on growing my own blog. It was a side hustle until I graduated early in December 2014. I used that semester I would have spent in class working on my blog and trying to figure out how to turn it into a business. This is when I rebranded to Dining with Skyler online. In 2015, Food Network approached me to work with their digital team as a host and Snapchat personality, and other side projects have fallen into place since then. In November 2017, I finally changed my Instagram handle to @diningwithskyler, which helped me not only focus on New York City, but the world. It's hard to explain exactly how I've "gotten to where I am" because I don't see myself as at my end goal just yet, but it's been just constant hustling and trial and error. I've failed so many more times than I've succeeded and I don't sleep until I get the job done or find a way to make my ideas come to life. 

Q: What do you use and/or what have you come across that works for eye bags or dark circles underneath your eyes? Not necessarily puffy eyes...if that makes sense.

A: I mean, the only proven remedy for dark circles (at least for me) is sleeping. But if I had to choose one of my favorite creams it would be Philosophy's No Reason to Hide under eye cream (all of their creams are great) and Clinique's Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. I get more puffy but these are great for when I'm seeing the shadow.

Q: Where do you shop in NYC/online?

A: I'm a thrift store junkie. I always need new clothes for photoshoots, so I actually love to go to Goodwill to find unique statement pieces. I also just discovered a thrift shop on the Upper West Side that truly changed my's called Mystique Boutique. On the other hand, if I don't want my clothes to be used, I like to go Marshall's or TJ Maxx. I'm a scavenger hunt shopper. I love being thrown into a ton of clothes and having to find the best deals. 

Q: You’ve mentioned anti aging serums and eye creams in a few posts- what is your routine and what products do you swear by?

A: This is hard to answer because I'm not sure if this is a thing, but I feel like my skin gets used to my favorite products and I don't see as fantastic results after using them consistently. That being said, I do love Rodial Snake Serum and their bee venom night cream. Those plump my face up. On the more affordable side of the spectrum, H2O+ has unreal hydrating creams and I use their hydrating cream, hydrating treatment and eye-firming therapy almost every morning and night. I also love SiO beauty patches for when I sleep. I just discovered these and notice consistent plumpness when I wake up. But I can't wear those every night because I like to let my skin breathe once in a while. Last one! I also love La Prairie's Anti-Aging Stress cream. It's a splurge but I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel and look.

Q: What tanner do you mostly put on your face?

A: I've been spray tanning my face with Loreal Sublime since I was 14. Probably not great for me but also probably the best thing I've ever done.

Q: How did you get the "courage," so to speak, to follow your heart and do what you wanted to do for a career, even when you faced bumps in the road or weren't sure it would pan out as successfully as it did?

A: I grew up in a small town in Delaware and already knew I wanted a big career when I was extremely young. Delaware didn't really have the resources for me to learn about all the things I wanted to do, and I guess feeling limited for so long really ignited a fire inside me that said, “I can and I will” make a name for myself in whichever way I want to. I also have such a great support system in my parents who have always encouraged me to pursue any passions and ambitions I have. I also never take no for an answer. I'm stubborn AF. Before Dining with Skyler came to be, I failed soooo many times at figuring out my brand, what I wanted to do with it and how I was going to execute it. Failing gave me more fire and I guess that's what really gave me that courage to keep following my dreams. This is ironic because I used to have such a crippling fear of failure. But, it's true. My failures have given me the most courage because you know you can always keep building yourself up and learn from your mistakes. I get really blinded by passion (a strength and weakness of mine) and once I have an idea, I won't stop until it comes to life exactly the way I want. I needed and wanted to make this my career, and I was going to do anything I could to make that happen

Q: How did you and your boyfriend meet?

A: Sebastian and I met at a party on New Year's Eve in 2015. He was my New Year's kiss as the ball dropped into 2016. Honestly our story is so cute it makes me nauseous.

Q: What's your favorite workout?

A: I love boxing and pilates. I belong to Equinox so I try to stick to those classes, but I find myself #treatinmyself every so often and splurging on Shadowbox, Gotham Gym, Flex Pilates or other pilates studios in Manhattan. I kind of just search the Mind Body app and look for discounts! 

Q: Favorite mascara?

A: Dior It-Lash has always been my go-to! I then put a top coat of dark black Lancome mascara (I use this one because I recently got a sample from Sephora...but any would probably do.) I also love Tarte's Maneater.