Hey guys!

I am looking for a full-time summer intern! This job is meant for anyone looking to learn about the media industry and what goes on at a startup media company. If you land this position, you will be working directly alongside me to maintain the Dining with Skyler brand, as well as for other clients that we work with at with Skyler Media. This is different than a typical internship as it does not fall into the normal 9-5 structure. Whoever I hire must also be okay with working out of my apartment most of the time and walking my dog to capture content for his social media pages as well. I will need someone 4 days a week and will be giving college credit. Please send resumes and cover letters to jobs@diningwithskyler.com explaining why you would like to work for the Dining with Skyler brand and with Skyler Media.

If you are a recent graduate, this internship could possibly turn into a full-time administrative assistant job at the end of the summer.

Job Requirements:

  • Candidate must live in New York City, and be okay with commuting to the Upper East Side every day. This position will not be able to be done from home, and candidates must come into the office to report to work.

  • Available 4 days a week

  • Must love dogs

  • Must be a self-starter and hard working

  • Must have great time management and organizational skills

  • Must be a quick learner

  • Basic understanding of video production and editing

  • Basic understanding of cooking and food

  • Must know how to use Google Calendar

  • Must know how to use Keynote

  • Basic photo editing skills

Tasks include:

  • Coordinating shoot schedules every week

  • Attending meals to take photos and videos

  • Video production and editing for IGTV and YouTube (I can teach video skills)

  • Administrative duties such as organizing kitchen supplies, wardrobe, makeup and more.

  • Maintaining the with Skyler website

  • Writing blog posts and content for with Skyler and media company clients

  • Maintaining social media pages for clients

  • Producing social media content for clients

  • Designing branded partnership proposals in Keynote or Powerpoint

  • Getting supplies for shoots (including coffee for extra caffeination)

  • Cleaning the kitchen after video shoots

  • Attending meetings with potential clients

  • Researching contacts for partnerships, and compiling partnership lists in excel