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DIY Cacio e Pepe

DIY Cacio e Pepe

Weekend Eats is where I recreate indulgent dishes at home, inspired by restaurants that I love to eat out at. Cacio e Pepe is all over Instagram because restaurants prepare it table side, with a giant cheese wheel. Well, cheese wheels are expensive you guys (and not that readily accessible), so I did a little hack and it worked perfectly! Check it out!

Serving size: 1

If you want to make this for two, just double the ingredients!


  • 1 1/2 cup spaghetti, cooked

  • 1 wedge of pecorino Romano

  • Cracked black pepper to taste (we used a lot)

  • Salt for the pasta water to taste (we used a lot)


  1. Generously salt your boiling water. Cook your pasta as directed on the box (al dente is delicious). Save your pasta water!

  2. Shred your wedge of cheese in a big bowl. Add your cooked pasta into the bowl while still hot. Add 1/3 cup of the boiling pasta water. Mix until all the cheese in melted.

  3. Add your cracked black pepper and continue to mix. Serve and enjoy!

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