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Dermal Infusion 101

Dermal Infusion 101

I'm skincare and anti-aging obsessed, we all know this. And as I'm almost the ripe old age of 25 (ah!!!), I've decided to celebrate my new old age by trying different treatments and giving you the lowdown on how they work. Last week, I saw Cynthia Rivas, a medical aesthetician at Monica Halem MD on the Upper East Side. She's worked on tons of people you may know, one of them being the gorgeous, flawless-faced, Hannah Bronfman.

It also doesn't hurt that Cynthia herself is also stunning and looks like she's in her twenties...and let's just say she's actually isn't (can you say goals?!!) Knowing all of this, I knew I had to see her and see what wonders she could do for my skin. I spoke to her about my main concerns: fine lines, eye puffiness (and bags), discoloration and wrinkle prevention. My main goal is to prevent wrinkles and hopefully, avoid any kind of facial injection or filler for the rest of my life. 

Upon hearing this, she recommended we try out a dermal infusion. She explained to me how this non-invasive procedure hits all the notes: it plumps, it prevents wrinkles, reduces puffiness and can improve the tone of the skin. During the procedure, I asked basically a billion questions so I could tell you guys what I learned. But then I realized, why wouldn't I just post an interview with her as she knows everything and is actually certified to give out this information? 

So here it is. Dermal Infusion 101 with Cynthia Rivas.

What is dermal infusion and how does it work? Could you explain the process?

The dermal infusion treatment is a multi-correctional medical skincare treatment that addresses various skin concerns. It uses a vacuum suction to purify and clarify the skin, literally pulling out impurities, blackheads, and bacteria out of the skin. It also deeply exfoliates by using the vacuum suction in combination with a diamond tip wand to remove dull dead skin cells. And lastly, my favorite part is that it uses the vacuum to penetrate medical grade treatment serums with ingredients and vitamins such as vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, brightening peptides and salicylic acid while it’s exfoliating the skin. What makes this treatment unlike any other treatment is that it is infusing the skin with treatment serums at the exact moment of exfoliation. This is KEY for MAXIMUM penetration of ingredients. I am able to treat and correct acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration, congestion and blackheads, and smooth skin texture. Studies have proven its efficacy in penetration by increasing the volume of the skin by 70% which means that it is extremely effective in penetrating ingredients and plumping the skin. 

Why would someone get the dermal infusion treatment? 

Because it truly corrects skin concerns. That is usually the driving factor for women and men when they come see me. They want to correct a problem. Whether it’s to retexture their skins and smooth it out, make pores look smaller, smooth out fine lines, treat dehydration to name a few. Getting a glow to their skin has been a very popular request in the past couple months. And it is possible! I can’t forget to mention that it is amazing for treating acne. It is one of the best acne treatments available. This is truly a great treatment for everyone, even the more reactive or sensitive skin types. The only contraindication would be someone who has rosacea that is not under control. 

How does this prevent against everyone’s biggest fear: fine lines and wrinkles?

The biggest way it targets fine lines and wrinkles is with the penetration of ingredients and the exfoliation. Exfoliating and stimulating your skin does stimulate collagen production and with the added benefit of ingredient infusion for example like vitamin C, it’s extremely anti aging. It’s all about getting the ingredients in your skin to get them to really work. It’s also important to mention that this treatment is a deep exfoliation which will allow daily at home skincare products to penetrate better allowing you to get the most out of them. 

How many times do you recommend someone get dermal infusion?

Ideally you want to treat your skin every 2-4 weeks. Although you see a difference in your skin just after 1 treatment, the whole idea behind the 2-4 week recommendation is to build upon the progress we have made and not start over.

If you keep up with the treatments, do you think this has an overall effect on skin aging? Basically, what I’m asking is if it’s truly worth it to do treatments like this for the purposes of anti-aging.

This treatment is a very effective option for keeping your skin healthy and protecting it from premature aging. Healthy skin ages better. We are also infusing amazing anti aging ingredients into your skin to work their magic, not just letting ingredients sit on the surface. That is what works! 

Anything else you would like to add or you think people should know about this treatment? 

Everyone should know that this treatment isn’t temporary improvement of your skin. It really changes your skin. It’s not one of those “my skin only looks good the next day”, like many treatments out there. It looks good for days, weeks. My goals is to keep your skin looking great until the next time I treat you again to keep improving your skin. Your skin just gets better and better every time. Something else everyone should know about this treatment is that the vacuum suction also helps with lympathic drainage. This helps treat puffiness in the skin and sculpts it! 



The day after 

My thoughts? The vacuum applicator with the salicylic acid definitely plumped my skin and the next day, the coloring on my face looked a lot more neutral, and no eye puffiness! My skin was also exfoliated, which gave an even more plump look. All in all, I felt refreshed and I definitely want to keep up with this treatment to see how it affects my skin longterm.

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