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Sushi of Gari

Sushi of Gari


347 W 46th St

New York, NY 10036

I can now add “being classy” to my list of life accomplishments. Seriously, tell me something that’s more “high class New Yorker” than Michelin star sushi, fine art…and dining with a fine artist at a Michelin star sushi restaurant. That’s what I found myself doing the other day because life tends to throw me random adventures full of color and caviar these days. It was “quite magnificent,” my classy self would say. Or, as my normal self would put it, it was cool AF.

The restaurant I’m talking about was Sushi of Gari and the artist I dined with was Elizabeth Sutton. She’s got some great work and recently released some custom pieces for Sushi of Gari, as she’s a die-hard sushi lover and has been going there for her omakase for years. So needless to say, she’s a self-proclaimed sushi expert and showed us how to eat sushi the “Elizabeth Sutton way” at Sushi of Gari.

Before we get to the soosh, check out some of this girl’s art in the restaurant.

Courtesy of Taylor Adami for The Know

Courtesy of Taylor Adami for The Know

Now the sushi. Elizabeth put together our lineup:

1. Tuna yuke

2. Salmon tomato


3. Fluke with quail egg

4. Yellowtail with Mexican jalapeno sauce

5. Tuna tofu with chili sauce

6. Chutoro with wasabi soy sauce

7. Snapper with black pepper and sea salt

8. Chutoro with ponzu

9. Toro scallion roll, light rice


Just like her artwork, the sushi Elizabeth selected had pops of color and bright flavor. It was a light Michelin star lunch. 

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