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120 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013

Hubba bubba BUBBYS! We have just uncovered the ideal Sunday (or Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) hangover breakfast spot so put on your stretchiest pants and read on… 

Located in TriBeCa and the Highline (we went to TriBeCa), Bubby's is the definition of American comfort food. They’ve got pillow-y pancakes and puffy pies for days. But, there is more than meets the eye at Bubby’s.

Aside from the fluffy foods we hold so dear to our heart, Bubby’s also offers healthy options for your snobby Aunt Clarissa who only eats grass for breakfast. There’s everything from avocado toast and egg whites to paleo burgers and grain bowls. So if you’re craving buttermilk biscuits with a side of kale, Bubby’s will hook you up.

What we had: 

For the boozy brunches- their mimosa trio made up of classic, grapefruit-lemonade, seasonal and something green.

Fluffy fresh blueberry pancakes with housemate blueberry sauce. These bad boys put my boxed "just add water" mix to SHAME.


Autumn oatmeal with steel cut oats, caramelized banana, warm spiced apples & dried fruit, toasted walnuts, brown sugar and sesame seeds.

Eggs and bacon with cheddar and scallions. Yes, we did get an extra buttermilk biscuit. Yes, we also got a side of Anson mills cheese grits. Any other questions?

For the salmon lovers and Jewish grandmas out there, this house smoked salmon bagel made with a Kossar’s bagel, red onion, cucumber, dill, Holy Schmitts horseradish cream cheese and capers is a win!

Honorable mention: this hot chocolate was so good Skyler took a bath in it, literally.


I did say that they have healthy options, but I never said that we ordered them!

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Cleo New York

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