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The Butcher's Daughter

The Butcher's Daughter


It was a Wednesday when I decided that I wanted the Butcher's Daughter.  I needed the Butcher's Daughter more than anyone ever needed anything before. It just so happened my friend wanted the Butcher's Daughter too, so we decided to visit the Butcher's Daughter together.  We prepared ourselves for what the Butcher's Daughter had in store for us. We had heard great things, but what if the experience didn't live up to the hype? We had seen so many beautiful photos of the Butcher's Daughter on Instagram, but what if it was just because of the filter? A little Valencia or X-Pro II can go a long way.

We had to stop psyching ourselves out. Today was the day we would finally experience the Butcher's Daughter. And that was that. So we kept walking. Just imagining what the Butcher's Daughter would be like.

We finally arrived at the Butcher's Daughter and were impressed. Cute appearance. Not too big, not too small. Two entrances ā€” one in the front, one in the back.

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We went inside the Butcher's Daughter and it felt nice. The inside was more crowded because everyone obviously wanted to be there. When we were asked what we'd like to eat, we wanted all the Butcher's Daughter had to offer, but of course we could only get a little for ourselves.  The Butcher's Daughter has many people to feed.

We ordered our food. The Butcher's Daughter is very healthy, but I still really enjoyed what I ate. My one complaint is that I just didn't eat enough. The serving sizes weren't that big, and I went into the Butchers Daughter craving everything I could get. I ordered the Butcher's Daughter's single smashed avocado toast with curry, cilantro mustard seeds and lime. It was delicious. I just wish I ordered two.

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I also ordered one of the Butcher's Daughter's classic sandwiches: the Grateful Veg with chew carrot cheese, smashed avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts and arugula with Harissa mayo. The Butcher's Daughter has a good selection of sandwiches. This one was very flavorful even though it is vegan, but it was very light.

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Taste-wise, the Butcher's Daughter knows what's up. Portion-wise, there could have been a little more generosity. I was counting on the Butcher's Daughter to satisfy all my needs, but I ended up turning to the trusty Dominique Ansel afterward to take care of my remaining hunger. I still had a fun time there, though. We thanked the Butcher's Daughter for the good time and went about our day

If I go back, I would love to try one of the four boozy popsicles. Sucking on boozy pops with the Butcher's Daughter would definitely make me feel drunk in love.

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