Stuffed Ice Cream


Stuffed Ice Cream 

139 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10003

When they say stuffed, they mean it in every way possible. First thing's first: ice cream stuffed doughnuts AKA "cruffs." I first found out about "cruffs" also known as "milky buns" while stalking a place called Afters Ice Creamon Instagram. They were sadly based out of Los Angeles so I thought I would never have the opportunity to try a creation like the milky bun/cruff. That brings me back to Stuffed. Here, you can pick any two ice creams (or just one) and have them stuffed between a donut and pressed in a special machine to make it warm on the outside and cool on the inside. Then, the topping fun begins and you can add any of their toppings to your new cruff masterpiece. On the other side of things, you've got funky ice cream flavors and they love to pile those things on their The Konery ice cream cones. My favorite flavor was surprisingly the lavender vanilla. If you go, I highly recommend this one. They've also got Thai tea, mint mojito, Cookie Monster, black sesame....the list goes on.