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The best discoveries are made when you least expect it. And when I stumbled upon Snowdays Shavery (which actually just opened a few days ago in the east village) I did not expect to spend the next 20 minutes scarfing down a "Yet-sized" snow cream bowl filled with fruity pebbles, Nilla wafers, pocky sticks and condensed milk cream. But I did end up doing that and it was legendary.

Before I get to the part when I surrendered to the power of an absurdly colorful and delicious dessert, let me educate you. I had never seen or heard of Snowdays Shavery before, nor had I heard of this "snow cream" product they were selling, so I'm just going to assume that you are as clueless as I was.

Snow cream (n): shaved cream with a light, airy consistency that has a creamy, yet icy texture and tastes like snowfall from Heaven

The snow cream at Snowdays Shavery is not made with water or ice, but can be made with coconut cream for lactose intolerant or vegan people. When I tried the snow cream at Snowdays Shavery the first texture that came to my mind (which is one that I dearly love and will forever remember) was that of frozen GoGurt. I don't know why, but frozen GoGurt was super awesome when I was young. It was a much lighter dessert choice for us kids who grew up during the obesity boom.

Anyway, so I tried the strawberry snow cream, Yeti Tracks snow cream (blueberry oreo -- an unconventionally tasty spin on cookies and cream) and the black sesame. They also have Asian-inspired flavors like green tea and taro (I sadly didn't try those).  Snowdays has tons of different options, but I decided to just go completely berserk and get a Yeti-sized bowl filled with strawberry snow cream, Yeti Tracks snow cream, fruity pebbles, Nilla wafers, pocky sticks and condensed cream.

Here is a Yeti for your reference->

They then took blocks of frozen strawberry cream and Yeti Tracks cream and put them into this really cool machine to shave off long, smooth strips instead of small chips. This is what I ate.  It's like if My Little Pony turned into a massive snow cone dessert.

(Like I said earlier, I was not prepared for this insane food adventure so I only could capture it from my iPhone. I hope these photos will suffice).

download (77).jpeg
download (79).jpeg

It kind of looks like the statue of liberty!

My snow cream concoction was completely absurd but they have a range of options and suggested combinations that are for more normal people.



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