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July 4th Spread with Sabra

When people ask me my favorite holiday, I automatically think of my birthday. Then it dawns on me that my birthday is unfortunately not a national holiday. But there is one birthday that is a national holiday and involves just as much snacking, just as much champagne and just as much fun….and fireworks – the nation’s birthday. July 4th. Good old Independence Day. I love me a good July 4th celebration. It’s warm, the drinks are flowing, the snacks are everywhere and I’m most likely on a rooftop or beach somewhere with people I love hanging out with. Did I mention the snacks are everywhere?

Oh that’s right, I did. Out of all the holidays, July 4th is the queen (or should I say the Founding Father) of the “unofficial meal.” AKA that long snack time before an official meal – the unplanned, but just as delicious way to get people together around food. The one where hands touch and friends reconnect. It’s effortless and easy.

This year, I’m working with Sabra Hummus to bring my friends and family the best 4th of July celebration because it’s those moments between the official moments where the best stuff always happens. And typically (well at least for me) July 4th is one giant unofficial moment.

I’m hosting my own rooftop party and I’ll be serving up a Sabra Hummus spread. I’m doing it up with a rainbow spectrum of fresh veggies and pita. Simple and tasty. I decided to go with their Roasted Red Pepper hummus and their Roasted Garlic because they bring out the flavors of the veggies and add their own flavorful kick.

Quick diversion here: there’s truly nothing I love more than Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus and pita. I know it’s the perfect July 4th food, but I could really eat this all day every day.


Back to the party. Quick confession: I’m not very good at putting together parties and I usually pull things together last minute. Literally. It took me probably 10 minutes to set up this gorgeous spread. I bought some freshly sliced vegetables from the store and pita and the hummus already looks gorgeous the way it comes in the packaging.


I love it when people come in and they’re like, “Oh my god, Skyler, this is lovely…so nice of you to make this all for us!” And I’m just “Oh any time!” If only they knew.

And did I mention I barely have to do dishes after this? Vegetables = edible dipping spoons.


Safe to say, it’s officially dipping season and it’s the best time of the year. Happy birthday America!

This was a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sabra.

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