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Haru Sushi

Haru Sushi

Sushi is my spirit animal. That will probably be written on my tombstone one day (along with a line about how pizza was a loving husband and soup dumplings were the best daughters anyone could ever ask for). But let’s go back to sushi. In a city with so many Japanese restaurants, it’s hard to find the good ones with high quality sushi and hot Japanese dishes. Haru is one of those fantastic restaurants that has more than one location (there’s probably one near you at this very moment) and more than delicious Japanese food.


I was treated like a queen at Haru and got to try many of their dishes, including 3 of their special rolls. You know what they say, special rolls for a special girl. (Or maybe they only say that to me). We started with the Park Ave roll with spicy red and white tuna, mango, avocado, tempura flakes, topped with gold leaf. I’m a sucker for spicy tuna, mango and eating gold flakes whenever I can, so this was the biggest winner in my book.


Next up, we had the Kiss of Fire: salmon, albacore tuna, jalapeño and wasabi tobiko, wrapped around crunchy spicy tuna and jalapeño. I usually can’t handle the heat, but this kiss of fire left me wanting to make love to an entire volcano.


Lastly, we’ve got the Gramercy Park roll with crunchy spicy albacore tuna and jalapeños wrapped with tuna, yellowtail and salmon, topped with lemon, cilantro, tobiko and yuzu miso sauce. This also had a nice citrusy kick.

To accompany our special rolls, we had lobster tacos and edamame dumplings. We also got one of the sushi lunch specials, just incase.






And then we had dessert. Because clearly there wasn’t enough food on the table already. Let me tell you about this dessert, though. Dark chocolate white miso brownie: warm housemade dark chocolate — shiro miso infused brownie with house caramel sauce, and your choice of vanilla or green tea ice cream. I got vanilla because I recently gave up caffeine which has been the death of me. But either way, the brownies in this dish are the fluffiest clouds of cocoa you’ll ever inhale. So fluffy, yet moist.

And then I drank a Rising Sun margarita because why wouldn’t I. ?????? Casa Noble Reposado Tequila, hibiscus, pomegranate and fresh lime. Yum.

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