DokoDemo Japanese Grill


89 E 4th Street

New York, NY 10003

Feeling funky and craving something different? Grab yourself some okonomiyaki or takoyaki balls.... Japanese food is more than sushi. DokoDemo keeps their menu flavorful, yet simple with only 3 entrée options with protein add-ons. Much easier to choose from than those poké restaurants with over 192085849 things on the menu.


Fried thin egg noodles (some yakisoba noodles are made of buckwheat but these are not) with a classic sauce or soy sauce. You can then add your protein of octopus, shrimp, chicken or pork. These are pork. Niiiice fatty pork. 


Takoyaki AKA Octopus balls is a popular Japanese street food. They are like octopus fritters...with some fish flakes and sauce. 


This is a side dish but may as well be a main. An omelette filled with thinly sliced meat and topped with scallions. Sweeter than how you would imagine an omelette.