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The Woodstock NYC

The Woodstock NYC


446 W 14th St

New York, NY 10014

Think of some of your favorite things.........

Ding! Timer's up.

Was pizza or alcohol on that list? If not, why do you even follow me anyway? Assuming you guys have the same priorities as me (living the best life possible) I'm thrilled to announce that I have found your new heaven. It's called The Woodstock and it's located in New York's Meatpacking District. In a nutshell: The Woodstock is a swanky, vintage pizza and cocktail bar. I'm not talking cheap slices and vodka sodas. I'm talking about nice gourmet pies and cool, creative cocktails (think, a drink in a light bulb type vibes).

Not only does this place deliver in the food/drink department, but walking into The Woodstock is like taking a quick time travel trip back to the 70's. (And that's always great, because I think we all need an excuse to escape modern day 2018 considering our political climate right now.)

You've got a pink pool table, retro sofas and armchairs, a lava lamp, community tables and a cute bar with a glowing backdrop. 


After you take all your Instagrams in the cool space like I did, you'll most likely want to enjoy some pizza and drinks. Here's a lineup to consider. The only time I ever think it's okay to make a lineup with a list of girls' names is if those girls' names are actually the names of pizzas on a menu. This is the case at The Woodstock.




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And this is how fun weekends are made.

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