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95 Greene St

Jersey City, NJ 07302

With only a 10-30 minute commute from NYC (depending which part of the island you're commuting from), Jersey City is basically part of Manhattan at this point. If you have time to go to Brooklyn, you have time to go to Jersey City.

This little city may be small, but it's packed with some great restaurants. One of these restaurants is Honshu. Now, imagine an omakase dinner made with fish from the same supplier as your favorite New York sushi restaurant, but for a fraction of the price. That's what Honshu offers. If you're not familiar with omakase, it's a Japanese tradition where you let the chef choose your order. What the chef chooses varies depending on the freshest catches of the day. That being said, the average cost of omakase in New York ranges anywhere from $150-$500 a person. There are some menus that are $1000 a person. It's a lot. 

At Honshu, the price is around $75 for the ultimate 13-course Omakase experience with essentially the same fish that you would be getting from a trendy NYC establishment. I'd say that's a steal. The menu changes every day, but here's a look at my experience. 

We kicked off the meal with toro tartar with quail egg, botan shrimp and 2 years aged soy; firefly squid; and shigoku with sea urchin, salmon roe, and ponzu foam. Who knew a whole squid could be so tender?

Next up: golden eye snapper with yuzu jelly and beet; gold line seabream with ponzu black agar; and baby seabream with wasabi steam (AKA pure wasabi, not the paste).

Then, things get adventurous with a monkfish liver pâté topped with salmon roe and sesame seeds. This is known to be the "foie gras of the sea."

A seared scallop with uni and fresh wasabi is a little more familiar.


Then we're surprised with another flavorful trio: baby barracuda with yuzu-kozo and garlic chip, butter fish with apple spice garlic, and seared cajun pepper salmon belly with salmon skin, ikura and wasabi aioli. The salmon belly was lights out delicious. 

The shrimp was a surprise.

And the meal ended with a unique twist on the classic hand roll with Spanish blue fin tuna belly. 



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