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Staycation at Andaz Wall Street

Staycation at Andaz Wall Street

Ah, staycation. There's nothing like staying in a luxury hotel room instead of your own shoebox apartment for the weekend, am I right? I recently decided to get my boyfriend and I a much needed staycation for Valentine's Day, and although the commute was a short 45 minutes (yeah, I guess that's long for Manhattan, but I live on the opposite side of the island) it felt like a real vacay. We both live on the Upper East Side, so going all the way down to the Financial District to stay at Andaz Wall Street was a nice little getaway for us.

Ok, first thing's first. Our room was just incredibly gorgeous and spacious. There was a huge bath in the middle of the large, black marble bathroom. And then the giant (very comfortable) bed in the open, beautiful room was also a highlight. Did I forget to mention we had a little living room/kitchenette where we could happily eat our room service? Oh, well that was there, too. 

In the spirit of staycation, we decided to eat in on Saturday and not move from the hotel. We ordered room service for breakfast and then went downstairs to Andaz Kitchen and Bar for dinner.

The brioche French toast with blackberries was the highlight of my morning and my boyfriend enjoyed delicious eggs purgatory, which traveled extremely well. We of course wanted a breakfast appetizer too, because that's the type of people we are, so we went with the egg white frittata.

After a long day of watching HGTV and taking several baths, we made it downstairs for dinner. Andaz Kitchen and Bar isn't your typical hotel restaurant that feels outdated and will put you to sleep with dim lighting and classical music. This place has a full bar (very important) and a more cute, casual style than most hotel restaurants I've seen in my day.

We kicked off our meal with chorizo toast. 

Then we advanced to the steak -- a must for anyone dining at Andaz Kitchen and Bar.

On the other side of the spectrum, the salmon was also delicious. 

And who would I be if I didn't order the pasta?


Guess what we did after?

Went right back up to bed.

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