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Spring & Varick

Spring & Varick


246 Spring St

 New York, NY 10013

Located on the corner of, you guessed it, Spring street and Varick street: this SoHo restaurant is ideal for weekend dinners out and big family lunches. Executive Chef John Creger has mastered a level of flavor so rich and deep that we were in a food coma the second we walked in the door.

Spring & Varick’s spacious location offers plenty of room for large groups and private events. And their unique wall art and smoking S’Mores cake make it very instagrammable. 

They also use all seasonal and local ingredients so everything we tasted was fresh and delicious. Seriously, I could write poetry about their short rib crostini and beet raviolis. 

We started off with their rich and creamy corn chowder with lobster, jalapeño, coconut and a hush puppy. 

Beet ravioli with pesto ricotta, spiced pepitas, and beet caramel. A great gluten free option since their is no flour involved whatsoever. The raviolis are actually formed out of the beet itself!

Tuna tartare with avocado mousse, kohlrabi salad, curry aioli and a quail egg on top.


"S&V burger" with tempura comte (aka fried cheese) and their housemade burger sauce on a warm pretzel bun.


Short rib toast with tender braised beef, tomato jam and horseradish créme fraiche.

Crispy Brussel sprouts in a sweet Thai chili caramel.

Topped it off with a gluten free smoking s'mores chocolate cake prepared in a glass dome of smoke. You had to be there...



Cleo New York

Cleo New York