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A Weekend in D.C.

A Weekend in D.C.

Ok. The inner New Yorker in me might be having a mild crisis. I recently went to D.C. and decided I may just pick up and move there all together. You could say I fell in love with it. I also love New York. So, I’m kind of having a little city love affair over here.


The truth is, I have been to D.C. before, but only for squash tournaments growing up (lol I know) and to visit my brother. Those visits always resulted in seeing a bunch of friends and going out at night. Very fun, yes, but I never really had the opportunity to experience the charm of the city for things other than going out for drinks. Until now. And now I’m oh so charmed.

I had the opportunity to stay at the Melrose Georgetown Hotel for a weekend with my boyfriend and both of us were in awe by picture-perfect Georgetown. The Melrose Georgetown Hotel is located right on the tip of the neighborhood on Pennsylvania Avenue NW. It’s a perfect location for people who want to stay in delightful Georgetown, but also explore other areas of the city.

Our room was great. It was super spacious and the bed was so comfortable. I’m not just saying this, but I had one of the best night’s sleep there that I’ve had in a while. Literally slept in until 10:30AM. Who am I?!? I also wasn’t expecting our stay to be romantic, but come on…I mean, we fell in love with the city, we had a great hotel, we got delicious breakfast in bed room service– it ended up being very romantic. And delicious.

Did I mention delicious? Yes, we had all of that room service for breakfast (no judgement here at Dining with Skyler) but we also ventured out to some restaurants. The first being the hotel’s restaurant, Jardanea. We kicked off Friday trying out their new fall cocktails and food menu. Good is an understatement. Great is an understatement. Outstanding? That sounds about right! Something that stuck out to me about this restaurant was how much care they put into their locally sourced ingredients. Each dish had it’s own unique fall flavor twist. You can see all the dishes we tried, here.


And the cocktails were so creative. I am proud (but also regret) to inform you that I did try every cocktail on the new menu. (Lol talk about kicking off a Friday evening right!) I am also proud of Jardanea’s cocktail team because their creativity is off the charts. They use a different shrub, basically sweetened vinegar instead of a sugary syrup, to give each drink a unique flavor. So, for example, I had a pumpkin spice martini. When I read that, I thought oh man, they’re totally going to load up the pumpkin purée and cinnamon sugar. No! That is far from what they did. They got super creative and used a rum and then an orange shrub steeped in fall spices. It was unbelievably delicious and actually blew my mind.

Jardanea was a win. It’s one of those places you must check out because the menu changes seasonally and it’s not an overly crowded trendy madhouse. Instead, there’s not even a sign to the restaurant (it’s on the right once you walk in the door.) It’s a great place to come relax and enjoy a great meal in an intimate setting.

We tried to go out after those drinks, but of course ended up watching Food Network in our king-sized bed and passing out instead. It was awesome. Fast forward through room service and my ideal morning, we then went to the White House to see the gardens and then we went to dinner.

Dinner was in the Logan Circle area at a restaurant called Hazel. Unlike Jardanea, Hazel’s menu is more of a tapas approach. Of course, we ordered almost everything.

Hazel’s chef is impressive and creative. I had truly never tried a similar dish to everything we ordered on the menu. Each plate was so unique and fabulously executed. The setting was also super romantic in a spacious garden with fire pits. I highly recommend coming here on a date!

Once again, we were supposed to go out this night and then found ourselves in a food coma until Sunday morning. Then we had brunch. And brunch was unreal. We headed over to Iron Gate near Downtown, Washington D.C. This is the place where I will forever remember the best pancakes I’ve ever had.

Iron Gate’s menu is Mediterranean-inspired with fun items like sesame crusted feta with honey (also one of the most delicious, inventive cheese dishes I’ve had) and baklava cinnamon rolls. Yes, baklava cinnamon rolls. You heard it right and you heard it here first. 

Keep in mind, this was a meal for 2 people and almost everything was consumed. Before our train to New York, my boyfriend and I literally went to open houses to learn about real estate in D.C. That’s how serious I am about this little crisis I’m having. I loved D.C. The food is amazing. The Melrose Georgetown Hotel was an incredible place to stay with the nicest staff. And I didn’t hear an angry car horn once. See you soon, D.C. I’m coming back for you.



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