Skyler's Story


Growing up, Skyler was a rare case of teenager. She knew exactly what she wanted to do for her career: eat and entertain people. How was another story.

Skyler graduated from high school and left her small town in Delaware to attend NYU in 2011. She pursued a dual degree in Media Culture & Communication and Broadcast Journalism and spent semesters interning all over the map, from online and print publications to public relations firms and television networks. While she was there, she started NYU’s first online culinary magazine (Spoon University NYU) and even snuck herself into a graduate program to study food in Hong Kong for a month (she’s always been #ballsy).

However, her most passionate project of them all began in October 2012 as she was eating black pudding waffles with foie gras butter. Skyler realized how much she loved the adventurous side of food, and the fact she was eating waffles infused with blood (yes, that is what black pudding is) while her friends stuck with scrambled eggs made her have an epiphany. She thought, “this is something Anthony Bourdain or Andrew Zimmern would do,” then realized…”what women do we see out there exploring this crazy, cultural, fusion, experimental side of food?” She couldn’t think of any. And she couldn’t think of any young women in the food media sphere. She thought to herself, “that’s who I need to be,” and slathered some more duck liver on her waffles.

The next day, Skyler began a blog you all know as Dining with Skyler, which became her culinary playground. This also just so happened to be during the toddler phases of Instagram, which she took full advantage of and became one of the first food enthusiasts to create an account solely dedicated to showcasing deliciousness… thus came to be what is now known as @nycdining. She stuck with blogging for the next three years, applying everything she learned from school, internships and her NYC life to turn it into something bigger.

After graduating early in 2014, Skyler felt the onset of quarter life crisis coming on; she wasn’t interested in the “should-do” jobs and playing it safe, she was hungry to pursue her dreams. So she poured herself a glass of bubbly (or 5) and decided she was going to give this a shot. Still no idea what she was doing, she declared herself a “full-time food blogger entrepreneur” and started brainstorming.

Skyler has been pursuing this path for over three years now. Since her first steps into the blog business, she has managed to gain a loyal following who love her work and see her as exactly what she set out to be – a young woman with a passion for all things food and adventure. In addition to running her own business, Skyler now works with Food Network as an award-winning host for many of their digital shows. She has been featured on Cooking Channel as a contributor for Unique Sweets as well as a host for a variety of online productions and her own YouTube channel. On the other side of the business, Skyler consistently works with brands who align with her mission to “discover a new taste.” She also dabbled in baking for a few years, launching her own seasonal line of cake balls called Ballsy Bites®. She has become one of the youngest female foodies to make a name for herself on online, on television and in the blogosphere. Nothing has been more rewarding than to see her blog grow, and she can’t wait for the next bite of her adventure.

About This Blog

Hey guys!

I'm excited to introduce with Skyler, the new home for Dining with Skyler. Though food will forever be the love of my life, I've always lived a multi-faceted lifestyle. I wanted to build a platform where I could bring all of my interests together, all the while showcasing unique dining experiences and great food. The truth is, I have to live a balanced life when I'm not "at the office" (AKA covered in powdered sugar or bathing in pizza grease) and a lot of my passions lie in areas of taking care of myself. I've always been very into skincare, makeup, fitness and (surprise!) balanced, healthy eating. To pursue a career in food has made me even more hypersensitive to those other areas that need maintenance in my life, as I'm constantly putting myself in situations that could be considered rather unhealthy. However, I've found a way to get the best of both worlds for myself, and I think it's ridiculous when the Internet tells you that you can't really have it all. I'm tired of seeing articles everywhere that say I need to cut out gluten, dairy, sugar, grains, meat, air, water, etc. in order to be "happy" or "healthy." And that's why I'm expanding my focus.

with Skyler is a no BS platform where I'm going to tell you like it is. I'm here to share my experiences, #nofilter needed. Whether the topic is what burger to eat for lunch, which eye cream I use to get rid of my sodium-induced bags, or just general lifestyle points, the only sugarcoating I'll be doing is on my donuts.

This space is all about showing you where to get the best pizza and then filling you in on what goes on outside of my long, pizza-filled nights. I'm going to tell you about the fried chicken I ate and also how to make my favorite ugly chicken and veggie at home. I think you can have your cake, eat it too, and feel damn good doing it. So this is about food and everything else. Life from a pizza lover's view. If you're tired of all the fake news, welcome to with Skyler.